Bollywood Movies

We have been working on various Bollywood Movies recently, which have been quite exciting!  We took care of the police uniforms and also MD, Steve, had the role of costume designer on set.  We can’t give away too much info about the movies just yet but take a little sneaky look at some behind the scenes snaps.


Looking to work on set?

We now have brand NEW acting classes held in Blackpool to add to our already existing classes in London, Manchester and Leeds!  Classes are usually a full ‘intense’ day class in which artists are taught in a real on-set atmosphere aswell as being filmed and edited to help build up showreels.  Visit to book.

Tony Mooney
Tony Mooney visit the Film & TV Workshops

Any impressive videos from each class will be added to our ‘Showcase Page’ and sent to casting directors to view.

TAA Film School
We are also looking for production crew who might want to gain experience and useful contacts within the industry.  This is an excellent taster of how productions are made and what it takes to work on set within the industry.  You can shoot using our cinema cameras, help record sound using our boom mics, write scripts, direct, produce and edit using our latest editing software.

Lemon Casting Film & TV Workshops
Get a taster of what it is like to work on set

Please email to register your interest.

Summer Classes!

Our acting classes have been so popular lately, they have been booked right up.  However, there is a chance to attend a Summer class.  We will be holding classed at the beginning of June in both Manchester and London.

The Acting Academy
The Acting Academy

The Lemon Casting Film & TV Workshops are an excellent way to break into the world of acting. We are holding a full day, intense class for beginners, intermediate and advanced level in both Manchester and London. We will provide scripts and training within an ‘on-set’ atmosphere where we will also film and edit footage of you that can be used as part of your showreel to represent you.

Final performances are filmed and then used to your advantage, so this is an excellent opportunity to take your acting career to the next level.  Steve is also talent spotting throughout each class.

Read more about what we can do for you here

Book a class here

Roles for Pragun & Sarah

Success once again for the Lemon Casting Film & TV Workshops.

Lemon Casting Actress, Film & TV Workshops
Lemon Casting Actress

Well done to Sarah, who had a main role in an NHS Corporate Video earlier this month. She was chosen from her workshop videos and had to perform a large script on the day. The production team said she was fantastic. All the hard work during lessons had paid off.

See our jam-packed YouTube Chanel here


Another well done to Pragun, who was also chosen from his workshop videos, he has landed a Main role on a popular, prime time, crime series.

Lemon Casting Actor, Film & TV Workshops
Lemon Casting Actor


Tools Of The Trade #1 A Showreel

At Lemon Casting we are always being asked for showreel links.  Living in these high-tech, fast paced times where everything needs to be at the click of a button, production teams need to work quickly and efficiently and the easier it is for them to check you out, the better.  They don’t always want to go to the expense of organising a huge casting.  They sometimes want to just click a link in the comfort of their own office.

Online CastingWe try to provide showreel links for our artists wherever possible.  This is why a showreel is essential.  If you already have a showreel then make sure you tell us and send over a quick and easy link.  If not we can create a showreel for you.

We will talk you through the options step by step, arrange the shoot date, edit the piece and then post it online ready to be viewed.

We believe this is the number 1 tool of the trade for any actor.

For information please email or call 0161 205 2096

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