Johnny Vegas

Well done to all our artists who have been filming in Blackpool for Johnny Vegas’ new show.  We can’t give away anymore information on the show just yet but we caused quite a stir whilst filming on the seafront.

Johnny Vegas even tweeted an image of our WPC making an arrest.  Great job everyone.


Film & TV Workshops Success Rate!

If you are wanting to get more than just extra work these days and hoping to get into speaking and featured roles then our Film & TV Workshops are a brilliant way to do this.  Many of the artists who take part in the classes have also taken on featured and speaking roles, Jonah, Mariama, Matthew, Alex, Joe, Andy, Paul, Carolynne, Pragun, Sarah, Anthony and Anju to name a few!  Visit


Film & TV Workshops Highlights

Here is our latest video trailer from the Film & TV Workshops.  It gives a real feel for the course should you be thinking of booking on.

This time around we have one of the main cast from Scott & Bailey attending a showcase to watch artists perform and take part in a questions and answers session!

Not to be missed!

To find out more about the course, which begins on 26th July, please email or call 0161 205 2096