Looking to work on set?

We now have brand NEW acting classes held in Blackpool to add to our already existing classes in London, Manchester and Leeds!  Classes are usually a full ‘intense’ day class in which artists are taught in a real on-set atmosphere aswell as being filmed and edited to help build up showreels.  Visit http://www.theactingacademy.co.uk to book.

Tony Mooney
Tony Mooney visit the Film & TV Workshops

Any impressive videos from each class will be added to our ‘Showcase Page’ and sent to casting directors to view.

TAA Film School
We are also looking for production crew who might want to gain experience and useful contacts within the industry.  This is an excellent taster of how productions are made and what it takes to work on set within the industry.  You can shoot using our cinema cameras, help record sound using our boom mics, write scripts, direct, produce and edit using our latest editing software.

Lemon Casting Film & TV Workshops
Get a taster of what it is like to work on set

Please email info@theactingacademy.co.uk to register your interest.


Speaking Role for John

John Slater really impressed the director this week with his speaking role in a new drama.  He had to speak out infront of a large audience and the production team were very pleased with John’s performance.  John’s showreel is currently being edited by us and should be available to view very soon.  Great stuff John.

John Slater

Identical Triplets!

We have lovely identical triplets available and ready for work.  The girls have already taken to the limelight by appearing various documentaries!


Boé, Mika and Hope where born on  25th August 2014 and featured in a documentary on ITV called “The triplets are coming”. They are naturally conceived, identical, female triplets and hit the news papers when they where born as the statistics for babies like them are 1 in approximately 2 million.

They appeared live on “Good Morning Britain”, have had pictures in “The Times”, “The Mirror” and a couple of other national news papers.  They have undertaken modelling for various photography studios for their adverts and promotion.   Most recently they have just completed 7 weeks of filming for a ‘Big Talk Production’.

Boohoo.com Christmas Commercial

The new Christmas commercial for Boohoo.com is brilliant and it was a pleasure to be part of it.  We provided artists for both the club and train station scenes.  Take a look at the commercial below:

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