Tony Mooney visits Lemon Casting Advanced Class

Actor, Tony Mooney is popping into the advanced workshop today to give his input and take part in a questions and answers session.  Tony has appeared in Scott and Bailey, Emmerdale, Holby City, Shameless, Casualty and many more prime time productions!  His knowledge and insight into the industry is invaluable, so we are really thankful to Tony for giving up his time.  He clearly loves the industry he is working in.  Read more about Tony’s acting career here

Tony Mooney Lemon Casting Acting Classes
Tony Mooney Lemon Casting Acting Classes

The Acting Academy is so popular at the moment and artists are really loving the classes.  We have had nothing but positive feedback from both the London and Manchester acting classes.  The artists learn how to act for screen whilst final scenes are filmed which is then used as showreel footage to represent them.  We have seen some artists blossom into excellent actors and actresses and we are in the process of marketing them as actors for television.

The Acting Academy
The Acting Academy

At The Acting Academy we train artists up for screen acting. We hold acting classes in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bolton and London. Our Drama classes are very well organised and come highly recommended. We have a range of tutors and venues all over the country, camera crew and equipment on hand ready to shoot your best scenes. The footage is then professionally edited and can be used to promote you. If you want to learn to act then you have come to the right place. Many of our actors join Lemon Casting Agency in Manchester and using their showreel footage gained, they take part in many prime time dramas such as Prey, Scott and Bailey, Accused, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale. Our drama classes are an excellent way to gain featured roles.

Take a look at the video below at some of the feedback we have had so far.

The Acting Academy
The Acting Academy

You can find more information about The Acting Academy at

You can find more information about Lemon Casting at


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