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What have we worked on?

We provide an excellent service to the Film & TV Industry.  We have full police uniforms, complete with accessory belt and weapons.

Alpha Bravo are suppliers of uniformed professionals for the Film, TV & Events Industry.  We hire police uniforms for any production no matter how large or small.  We can add action, style and sense of reality to any occasion from a television drama to a product launch.  Alpha Bravo police can come fully equipped with weapons and accessory belt.  We have teams of armed police, riot squad or SAS style professionals ready for action at a moments notice and can travel anywhere in the UK.

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Film & TV Workshops Success Rate!

If you are wanting to get more than just extra work these days and hoping to get into speaking and featured roles then our Film & TV Workshops are a brilliant way to do this.  Many of the artists who take part in the classes have also taken on featured and speaking roles, Jonah, Mariama, Matthew, Alex, Joe, Andy, Paul, Carolynne, Pragun, Sarah, Anthony and Anju to name a few!  Visit


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Speaking Role for John

John Slater really impressed the director this week with his speaking role in a new drama.  He had to speak out infront of a large audience and the production team were very pleased with John’s performance.  John’s showreel is currently being edited by us and should be available to view very soon.  Great stuff John.

John Slater

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Speaking & Featured Roles

Well done to Frank Garside who gained a speaking role and John Ammirati who gained featured role on a new production next week!

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A big thank you!

We want to say a huge thank you to all our supporting artists who have been so reliable and punctual this week whilst working on the Liverpool Production.  We have been really impressed with everyone’s dedication.


Thanks from the Lemon Team x

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